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Light Bulb

We finally attacked the garage. After three years of living with a packed garage (ala one of those depressing clean-the-clutter tv shows), we finally cleaned up and cleaned out. Granted, all of the junk was not our own. We inherited 60 years worth of garage workshop engine grease, nuts, bolts, cobwebs, tools, furniture and randomness from my husband’s grandfather. I don’t think the garage had

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Macro Shots, What is that Flower Icon?

So, you’ve had your digital camera for a year or two now, but you’ve never pushed the little flowers button? The flower button, aka the Macro Button, is one of my favorite digital camera features. The Macro feature allows you to shoot things very close-up and still maintain focus. With the regular settings on your digital camera, you can get only so close to your subject without having them f

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Taking Pictures at the Zoo

In the September  issue of Digital Camera Magazine, there was a long article about shooting great pictures at the zoo. I skimmed the article and put it aside for another day, not thinking that I'd be going to the zoo anytime soon. But I was wrong. While up in Washington last week, we stumbled across a small zoo that specialized in big cats. That' when I wished I'd read the article! But here a

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Projects It’s the first anniversary of the DP Blogs 30 Day Photo Challenge! In March, 2006, a group of us took and posted one picture every day. I learned a lot about my own photography and I’m excited to see if my photo style has evolved at all. Sure, I take pictures almost every day, but not that many that I would post on the internet every day! There inlies the challenge. I begin tomorr

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Making a Bounce Card

What is a bounce card, you ask? Well, let's say you are shooting your friend standing in a shady spot but there isn't enough light on her face. How do you get more light on your subject without bringing a bunch of equipment or moving her to a different location? You use a bounce card, of course. You can bounce light using anything reflective - a piece of paper, some tin foil or even your hand. Tr

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Movie Tools – The C47

Arguably, the most useful and inexpensive movie-making tool is the Clothes Pin. Called in the biz a “C47″ or a “Bullet,” these can be used to attach gels to lights, remove scrims from lights without burning your fingers, and all sorts of other great applications. I sometimes used them to tie my hair back or make impromptu cable ties with some folded over camera tape. You can use them to c

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Improving Sunset Shots

We’ve all seen beautiful sunsets and wished we had our cameras with us. But sometimes, you see a beautiful sunset, have your camera in your hands but the pictures somehow fall flat. Here are some quick tips to improve your sunset shots, particularly for those using point-and-shoot cameras. Probably the most common problem in shooting sunsets is exposure. The sky is brightly lit by the set

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Camera Lenses 101

Ways to improve your photography by changing the lenses you use. Zooms, telephoto, wide angle lenses? Ever feel confused about how to use different lenses or what the difference might be between them? Here is an easy primer on what camera lenses are all about. Speaking in very general terms, here are some of the characteristics of wide lenses and long lenses: WIDE LENSES Have a w

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What is Rembrandt Light?

In film circles, there is much talk about Rembrandt Light. A Cinematographer can turn to the Gaffer and say, “give me Rembrandt light from camera left and throw some full CTO on that.” Huh? Movie-speak is a language unto itself and it takes a while to master. Rembrandt Light is a lighting effect that was used beautifully in many Rembrandt paintings (you know, the Dutch master painter). The

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